Monday, April 28, 2008

the color purple

is fortunately one of my favorites. There's nothing wrong with my hand... just the remnants of tie-dying 85 shirts and cleaning up after removing my gloves. That is really the worst of it.

But tomorrow, my hair will be purple. I challenged my kids 10 weeks ago to raise money in a penny war against the other elementary school to be donated to Relay for Life (their colors are purple and white) in the town I teach. They didn't meet the outrageous goal i originally set, but with one day to go and only $60 to break $1000, I told them if they broke the thousand mark, I'd dye at least a portion of my hair purple. Well the teachers in my school were more than willing to kick in their fair share.... $75 to be exact... but I didn't let the kids know... if each kid brought in 10 pennies, we would break the $60 that they thought they needed. That's the announcement I made Thursday just before dismissal. The local grocery store donated $100.... but my students brought in, IN ONE DAY, $214 and change.... and almost all of that was in pennies!!!!

This is to kick off the joint elementary chorus concert that will take place next Tuesday and the them is We Can Make A Difference.
The repertoire:

  • Get On Your Feet
  • With My Own Two Hands - from the Curious George movie
  • Turn The World Around
  • Child of the Universe
  • Under the Same Sun
  • Bridges
  • We Are the World
  • Ripple - my principal's request
  • One Small Step
  • Gonna Build High Hopes - my arrangement of High Hopes and Gonna Build a Mountain
  • Cantare Cantaras
  • Give A Little Love
  • I am but a Small Voice
  • Power of One by Bomshel

Most of these songs are taken directly from the music text we use by Silver Burdett
Making Music series but there are a few we stuck in that aren't that fit the bill as well.

The kids are so psyched. I'm a bit nervous but hope they'll sing well... this is our first joint effort. I have to play guitar on With my own 2 hands and piano on We are the World. I don't mind either... but am taking my own guitar so my fingers aren't bloody stubs when I finish... because the piano at the school we're going will certainly finish them off... the action is unbearably poor, way to stiff for my taste.

OK... off to knit a newsboy hat for DS1's music concert. I have to put their costumes together in 2 days... He's to dress like the 1920s and DD like the 1900s... I'll put pictures up of how I accomplish that... I'm a bit excited. Just wish I had started earlier... but that sums me up!!!!!

happy crafting


g-girl said...

that is so awesome that the kids met your challenge. :) you'll look stunning with purple hair. ;)

captaincosmic said...

haha i still cant belive you think ym guitar is gonna give you bloody stubs! i'm sooo psyched for tomorrow! lets break some legs!