Wednesday, April 02, 2008


tests... i loathe them. From 8:45 until 12:30, I proctor about 15 students taking math and then reading portion of the test... then I eat and after lunch teach 25 students how to knit (with 2 wonderful co-teachers) I have a couple of kids back from last year and they are also helping if needed. It's a great group and I hope I remember to get some pictures tomorrow so you can see how wonderful they are. The 90 minutes FLIES by.

But I'll be glad when next week is over, and it's back to my regularly scheduled programming.


Judy said...

All of my kids hated the PSSA's also except my youngest (7th grade). He came home yesterday saying he loved them because he had no homework all week, could take a nap if he finished early, and they were allowed to bring snacks to eat in the classroom!

g-girl said...

our school starts tomorrow. I don't know how it's going to affect the Kindergarteners though!