Friday, April 18, 2008

yarny goodness

so here's the scoop.....
the acrylic that I bought for school and the charity blanket knitting. With the rate my kids are knitting, they're eating this stuff!

the wool is in 2 groups:

this which I hung out for 2 days on the line like this, and the odor is completely gone!

and this group which I reskeined every single skein so is in a pile right now on the chair until I get another storage bin. I'll count them up sooner or later but I'm thinking 23 full plus 2 partial skeins patons merino, 4 skeins SWS, 4 skeins Knitting Fever Alpaka, 1.6 skeins of noro kureyon, 1 skein Big Mexico, 4 skeins Lambs Pride. enough you say???

And this is the cotton. I'm gonna start cloths for gifts and also next years church auction.

I've made progress on the baby kimono

and envision it complete b4 the weekend is over.

what looms, finishing the BSJ, the prayer lap blanket, and my poncho.

The chorus concert is weighing heavily on me, which is why i'm still awake. guess i should hit the rack.

coming up next is a tutorial on turning chopsticks into knitting needles.

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