Wednesday, April 16, 2008

knitting class

as promised here are pictures of the kids from knitting during PSSAs. I won't name them but you can see how
they're working and loving it.

Everyone started their own rectangle. We used the knitted cast on. Once they could cast on knitting itself was as breeze. It seems as though the disease is contagious. :-D I have kids coming to me every day for yarn and needles.

Friends teaching others how to knit. What an epidemic!Even the art teacher has joined in. She's a knitting maniac now! I hope they continue to knit for the rest of their lives.

But more importantly, I hope the importance of charity sticks. That lesson is far more valuable than anything musical I can teach.

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g-girl said...

i love it! i hope the everything sticks--the knitting bug and the importance of charity. can't wait to see how this year's blanket turns out. :)