Tuesday, April 29, 2008

purple power

The art teacher at my school (who is also a dear friend) had her first grade class draw pictures of what they thought I'd look like with purple hair. She's a speedy hanger and hung these outside my door! Aren't the pictures too cute???

The assembly started at 2:30 and I teased them through.
First talking about the big picture and how the challenge started. With my head covered in purple... a purple pareo I promised purple on my head... and this is a purple head. I really wanted to take the time to drive home that great things and positive changes are possible even by kids... and they should think and see what positive changes they can make in the world (I felt a bit like Barack)

When they didn't buy that the pareo filled my end of the deal. I took it off... saying that I did buy dye but was having second thoughts. Of course, under the pareo was a purple turbo twist still covering the hair. But was wondering if we could compromise, since they hadn't met my original monetary goal, a temporary purple spray in my hair should be fair. The little kids bought it, but my older students wanted no parts of it.

After bantering, I removed the towel to reveal my purple locks. And took the opportunity to reiterate what they have the power to do... all those little pennies that alone are nothing added up to $1329.51 which is a nice donation to Relay for Life. I'm incredibly proud of them and I think the school was really united for the first time in a long time for a cause that really helps make a difference.

On the crafting front, I need to make a 1920's costume for DS1 and a 1900 costume for DD. I've started a newsboy cap and have some thrifting/recycling that I'll share with you later... It all has to be finished by Friday at 5... so I really don't have time to discuss it now.

Happy Crafting!



When I am old, i will wear purple....
We need more people with purple hair in this world, IMHO!
What a beautiful thing you did, daaaaaaarling!

Ursula said...

Love the hair! I'm too chicken but that is so cool that you went through with it. Congrats to the kids!

g-girl said...

you never looked better. ;) I've always wanted purple hair myself!