Monday, April 14, 2008

tax time

yes.... we've procrastinated. and to make matters worse, we couldn't find the W2s or 1099s or the mortgage interest papers... so we turned the house upside down, since my brain was pulling its usual Dory stunt. I knew that I put all the papers in a safe place.... and I had. DH found them in a folder on our headboard... under about 27 little kids bedtime books... so the numbers are all together and I must start the computing... wish me luck.

I had a GREAT weekend. I went yarn shopping at a local craigslist find. Liza was selling much of her MIL's stash. I got Paton's Classic Merino (23 skeins), 1.5 skeins of Noro, 4 skeins of Soy Wool Stripes, 4 skeins of Lamb's Pride, 4 skeins of Alpaca, unknown quantities of sugar and cream (didn't really have a chance to peruse it yet) and a pile of acrylic for school.... caron's so soft and some others. I'll try to remember to takes some pictures.

I also got to see some of my buds. Thursday Kaye and her daughter stopped by while they were in town... that was the best! And Saturday Anne saw me out front (sorting through the stash enhancement) so she also stopped... love you guys!

Saturday afternoon DD and her friend went to ACMoore (accompanied by me of course) there was a demo on friendship bracelets (I thought it was a make and take) so each girl came away with the Klutz book and some extra cool colors of embroidery floss... then we sat outside and tied knots (until they got tired of that and wanted to play) I think it will be a fun thing to keep them occupied this summer.

Sunday, we all went to church with DH and picked up mom along the way. Went out to lunch at Charcoal Steaks 'n Things (I think that's the name) They flooded out in 2006 and with great views of the Delaware...

So back to taxes friends... wish me luck

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