Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mittens accomplished

Need I explain the pun? Mission/mittens accomplished... I know it loses something when you explain it.

Yarn: Lamb's Pride charcoal heather
Needle Size: 4's on ribbing, 6's on body - bamboo dpns
Pattern: The Mitten Wardrobe by Kate Atherley

The only things I changed about the pattern was:
  • I did NOT use contrasting colored yarn for the convertible part
  • I elongated the mitt part as well as the thumb because of the size of the hands that will be using them

Other than that, I did everything according to specs, my gauge was right on and I love the pattern. I finished the left one last night but took it to work to weave in the ends during my door duty and lunch. I love how they turned out and hope that DB will love them as much. I think they will be very useful for the boyscout!

I got my Plymouth Fantasy Naturale packages this week. 18 skeins of this yummo pastel colored cotton yarn that drapes so well. It's worsted weightI'm not quite sure what I want to do with it. I was thinking of making DD a blanket for her room, but I'm not sure that 18 skeins would do it. I have some other solids Fantasy Naturale in yellow, salmon, black, purple, light blue and tan... .maybe I could combine them into a log cabin somehow.

On my porch today waiting for me when I got home was an ebay package containing a set of wool carders. I have to say they are like new! And work great (Of course I had to try them out... and DD helped!) And a surprise from my friend P. A drop spindle to borrow... So maybe I'll try spinning one of the many rolags before the week is out!

Oh and I got a bag of wool sweaters yesterday from freecycle. Some of them have a couple of moth holes and some others are felted (one pretty heavily) The ones with the few (and I mean few) moth holes I'll try to frog and salvage the wool. The felted ones, I'm going to try to make longies from the sleeves and mittens from the bodies.... we'll see how that goes. Thanks K. again for the sweaters!

OK... off to knit before I turn in for the night. (just waiting for the diapers to dry!)

happy crafting


g-girl said...

yay, the mittens are done! I really like them but I don't need to add another project to my mental list! love the yarn you picked up. pretty colors! :)you got lucky with freecycle. I'm still trying to score some good stuff!

g-girl said...

you know...I haven't started yet on the cloth for the monthly kal so don't tell me yet! I started work on a secret gift just last night and hope to finish it soon so I can start on one of the kal's!!