Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I finished 2 of the November KALs of cloths that I started. Both with a Christmasy feel :-) I love that I did them in red and green too!It's been very hectic at my house and at work, so I've not been holding needles as much as I'd like!

The first one finshed:

Yarn: Lily Sugar and Cream
Color: green
Needle Size: 7
Pattern: Melissa Burnham

And the second:

Yarn: LIly Sugar and Cream
Color: red
Needle Size: 7
Pattern: Susan Mrenna

Hopefully I'll have more pictures to post tomorrow.. I'll sit and knit while my company visits as much as possible
Have a great holiday.


Angie said...

Your dishcloths look great. I haven't finished mine yet. BTW, love the mittens. What is the pattern?? Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

carole said...

The pattern for the mittens is from the Mitten Wardrobe. You can find it here:
It's by Kate Atherly. I still have to cast on for the second one... ugh!

g-girl said...

the dishcloths look great! don't you just love that poinsettia one? :)

carole said...

i love the pointsettia... and I love how some of the ladies made it into a hand towel.. I thought about doing that as well, but I really wanted to get it off the needles. Maybe if I do another it would be great that way and then there'd be a matching set!

hakucho said...

Your cloths turned out beautiful! I really like knitting both of them especially the poinsettia!

Happy knitting :)

carole said...

Thank you hakucho. Can't wait for Friday... I'll start 3 new KAL.. I think tonight I'll do a couple of cloths for DDs teachers!