Sunday, November 12, 2006

More projects OTN

Well I swatched for my oldest brother's gift after FINALLY deciding what to make him. My gauge is right on :-) It's Lamb's Pride in heather gray. I'm planning on making him convertible mittens which hopefully will be perfect when he's out camping with his boy scouts. The swatch was so tiny. I only cast on 21 stitches and did it in the round as was called for in the pattern. It would make a good start for a top down turtleneck for a beanie bay or something...

DH's tie is finally making some progress. The picture I have of it is still small. The poor thing has been frogged at least 10 times.. I was beginning to think that my name was Penelope. I decided to put some horizontal stripes in in a reverse linen stitch. And do the stockinette in a Fibonacci sequence. Hope it turns out looking OK and not too geeky.

Thought I'd post some other FOs so mom can see them. This is one hat that I've made for a crazy friend. I hand painted the wool for the dredlocks from the wool that I made the hat with.

Dredlock hat
yarn: Kraemer's Mauch Chunky
color: butternut
pattern: Hip to Knit

and this is part of my niece's gifts. Her dishes are purple, white and black. (I didn't know about the black when I made them though)

Yarn: Plymouth Fantasy Naturale
Needle size: 8
Pattern: Free from Lion Brand yarn co

I have to say I really like this cotton yarn. It's 100% mercerized cotton. Has a nice sheen and drape. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the Plymouth Yarn Co is nearby my hometown. So one day when I'm visiting you mom, I'll have to make a factory stop and see what I can pick up... hehehehe

Still waiting to hear on my friend Anne. She was supposed to give birth last Tuesday. If you're reading this Anne, give me a holler and let me know how you are!

The MacBook cozy for my dear nephew has now finished felting.. so it's drying and then the needle felting will begin. Hopefully there'll be a picture of it to post this week.

I've joined yet another dishcloth KAL group, as if 4 isn't enough.

And I've started the never ending gift making for DD's teachers. I have soaps all in Christmas themes (mostly snow) so I'll make cloths to coordinate with them and wrap the soap in for her to give.

Oh and my mom's gift has finally be decided on... what and with what yarn.. but I can't post that til after Christmast cuz I know she reads the blog!

happy crafting this week!

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