Thursday, November 02, 2006

FRUSTRATIONS or one BAD apple!

A vent

I may not be posting pictures for a week or so. The AC adapter to my PowerBook caught on fire on Monday. Nothing serious, but I can't recharge the battery ... which is a problem as you can imagine. When I talked to Apple on Monday they assured me that they would send out a new one overnight. Well here it is Wednesday and still no adapter. So when I called them again today to find out where it was, I was told that it could be 7 to 10 days until I receive it. Aparently, they are 'backordered' on the AC adapters for the 12 inch PowerBook. My question is of course, do they have that many problems with the AC adapter to that computer???

Of course this has only added to the frustration I feel with this company. First, late in the summer the original battery for the laptop was out of power while it was still showing 78% power. Of course, no one at the service department could help me and they as much as blamed me for poor battery usage. I wound up purchasing a new battery for the laptop only to find out about a month later that the particular battery in question was being recalled. So great, I get a new battery, after just purchasing a brand new battery... will they just refund my purchase price? Of course not!

Then just this week while waiting for a refund check for an iPod we purchased with the back to school program (free nano with the purchase of a qualifying Apple computer....DH got a MacBook) mail comes from ACI. YEA! I'm thinking. Wait, oh no. You don't qualify... you've surpassed the 30 days since purchase... HUH? Nothing was said about filing before 30 days of purchase date. Only file before Sept 30... SO I mail it from the postoffice Sept 29... When I called Apple today about this, they claim that it was postmarked Oct 2.... Yea Right! To put the thoughts in this blog that are currently running through my mind would make it a non-family friendly blog. Suffice it to say that Apple Computer Inc. is now at the top of my fecal roster and it will be a cold day in h**l before I purchase another of their products. Angry just doesn't begin to describe how I feel.

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