Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'm back with my own little silver computer... the adapter arrived in today's mail. That was enough to make a really crummy day turn around.

We had a fire alarm go off today at school while the kids were coming in. My 2 sons were still with me and it was raining to boot. We had to get the kdis that had already arrived at school out and direct the ones coming to the safe area. What a mess! Fortunately nothing was on fire. It was a false alarm set off by steam from the gym shower. Wierd thing is the same thing happened about 15 years ago. You would think they would have fixed it then, but no not my school!

Anyway, I have pictures to post of the Monthly Discloth KAL Surprise, surprise. It's a turkey. I really love doing these. So much in fact that on the needles are 3 others from other KALs that I joined. One will be a ladybug, the other I think is another turkey and the last I have no clue, but can't wait to finish it! I finally used one that I made tonight when I did the dishes... I'll never go back!

Yarn used: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream - Brown
Needle size: 7
Link to pattern

I also have some pics of some WIPs

The Never Ending Poncho
My own conglomerate aran pattern
Needle: 10.5 Addl Turbo
Yarn: Crudo wool from Argentina

My wonderful MIL brought me a kilo last Christmas. I'm loving it. It's really squishy.. Heavy worsted weight. Whenever it gets finished it will be such a great poncho!

My nephews MacBook cozy... I haven't worked on it much since the adapter problem since my figures were on the laptop. I'll have to get cracking again. Once again this is my own pattern.

So many gifts left to make and the time is ticking away. Hope I'm not burning to much midnight oil as the big day approaches.

Happy Crafting

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