Friday, October 20, 2006

Halfway there

I have DD's ballet sweater about half done. The back is finished and the left front. I'm working on the right front now.. then of course 2 sleeves and putting the whole mess together (o my favorite part... NOT) I've either been knitting or sleeping when I'm not working, doing laundry, cooking , or keeping the kids occupied.I know it's gonna be a late night tonight and tomorrow to finish this by Saturday morning. If only I could have a few extra hours built into Friday night, that would really be super helpful.

I've been trying to post those cute little icons that fill in depending on how much you have completed. I found them originally on indigirls site as well as some others, but can't get them to work. Guess it will have to wait until this sweater is finshed. Also if anyone can tell me how to U/L those cute little avatars for websites onto my sidebar I'd appreciate it. :-)

I joined another dish cloth KAL. THis is another mystery one, but I won't let myself knit the days until this sweater is finished.. Then I'll do about 3 days worth in a sitting!

OK.. I have to get back to the needles. Hopefully I'll have a great picture to post on Saturday.

Happy crafting!

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