Sunday, July 27, 2008

end of the tour

and I finished another yards of brown BFL (plied, washed and drying) and some constrasting Finn for the trim, about 96 yard plied washed and drying (hope it's enough). I haven't uploaded any pics from the new camera but here's one from the old while the yarn is still on the skein winder.

Not too clear. The new camera takes great shots, I just need to make room for them on this computer!

I have a bobbin full of one ply and a bit more in a center pull ball as well as a bit more of the cappucino finn. We're off for a bit so I won't be spinning (unless I take along the drop spindle)

This was a fun 3 weeks of spinning. I'm sure DH will be happy to have his wife less obsessed with bike races and spinning wool. Although I've found the Missouri tour starts Sept 8 (after the olympics) but also after we've returned to school. We'll see just what can get done!

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