Wednesday, July 02, 2008


comes with certain rights and priveleges. The most important being the right to vote.
DH became an American citizen today. The Philly convention center grand ballroom was packed with 1500 new citizens and all their guests. The color guard are volunteers that are all descendents of Gen. George Washington's original colorguard. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but there were moments that choked me up a bit. So now, I'm married to an American citizen. He did register to vote immediately after the ceremony. It took all of 3 minutes as they had many volunteers there registering the new citizens.

In other news, my brother turned 53 today. Happy Birthday E.... even though you tormented me all those years, I still love you!

I can now say that I have knit at the Philly convention center and the Market St. train station.. making that kip list longer every day LOL. This decoration was at the end of the food court in the train station. If this was the Mason Dixon blog, I'd put it under found objects, but it's not, so I just have it here. I also missed taking a great picture of a metal outline sculpture of Ben Franklin on a bridge crossing 676 heading out of town.. just not quick enough with this camera. I'm finishing up my second sock, working on a lizard ridge block and frogging the second leg of a pair of longies that is merino (the rest of the sweater has been frogged for quite some time and the wool is luciously soft!)

I need to sew the lining to MIL's purse. I was interrupted last night as I was readying the machine by a little boy with a nightmare.


hakucho said...

Congratulations to your husband on his citizenship :) It is a big deal and very special in these days when so many who come to our country never bother to go to the trouble of becoming a citizen. I can understand how proud you must be and you should be :)

g-girl said...

congrats on being married to a new American citizen. :) How cool that it was a big to do!