Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've finished another cloth tonight (well OK this morning) for an exchange that I elong to . I can't post the cloth yet, but I'll say it was my first time working with Sugar 'n Cream Stripes and I love how it turned out. This pattern really lends itself well to that yarn.

I also made a pair of stitch markers for a different exchange partner.

I have two packages that I should be mailing out soon liek Wednesday)

Tuesday I had a huge brain fart. I was supposed to be at a teacher in-service, that completely slipped my mind. The very strange part was that at the pool on Monday I mentioned to DH that I needed to check the calendar to see when the in-services were. I thought they were later in the month. oh well. Hope I can get in to a different one.

Today was a rest day for Tour de France and tour de fleece. I spun on my spindle finishing the merino/tencel roving from Ashland bay Lea had sent me. The winding on the niddy noddy has been an experience. It's still not all on... but I had no more patience. It's super thin and has driven me crazy!

I carded up some BFL rolags after weeding the entire side garden (a ginormous undertaking) during the heat of the day. I have a sunbrun to prove it!

I also made 2 pvc niddy noddys and cut the pipes for another with an interchangeable center post for diffferning lengths

I'm really tired.. sorry no pics now. Maybe tmrw (or should I say later today

I missed ten on tuesday oops!.

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