Saturday, July 12, 2008


2 emerged from their pupas. We decided to release those 2 today... I think one has a problem though. It's chrysalis had fallen to the bottom of the tent. Until I saw it emerged one of the back wings was folded over.. I think it dried that way... so we coaxed it out with a sugar stick and put it on the neighbors butterfly bush (it's still there). I hope it makes it. The first to emerge went to the bush, sucked up some nectar, flew around a bit and then took the waiting game for the other 2 to come out.

of course I was spinning yesterday... I spin and spin and it seems that I make no progress.

The sleeve of that cashmere sweater yielded 526 yards of 40 wpi yarn. I'm hoping to rescue the other yarn in decent shape... don't ask me to do what with... maybe socks, maybe ply with something else... hmmmmmmm.

After sorting all that Polly Pocket stuff, DD decided she wants to keep it...I was afraid of that.

oh well, I need some coffee......happy crafting!

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