Monday, July 14, 2008

go figure

my kids finally get to take swimming lessons tmrw and it's been raining all night long to beat the band. I hope it stops by morning so they can go. Boy that water will be a bit nippy though.

We have a third butterfly (well actually only one again, we let the other 2 go) We tried to coax this one out earlier on Sunday but (s)he didn't seem to want to leave, so I put in a wedge of watermelon to keep it satisfied. That painted lady sucked down on that watermelon for quite some time! One chrysalis to go. (they always emerge when I'm not looking)

I spent my spinning time today plying about 600 yards I think (only measure 365 yards, the rest is still on the bobbin) Tmrw I'll start spinning again. My spinning has certainly evened out since I started this fleece. I hope DH likes the yarn I'm making as it will be a vest for him. I ordered Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men: Tricoter from amazon because the have LOTS of men's vests patterns in the book that I like and think DH will like as well. He doesn't like wool sweaters because he's so hot (yes, dear read the double entendre) but he loves vests.SO a vest it is. For me this yarn represents a pile of work. There's a lot of love in there. I'll wash it and whack it tmrw.

Once again I got to see the last couple of km of the tour today. Until the kids are asleep at night and I get down to the family room, it's always near the end of the race. Yesterday was the exception. I had to negotiate TV usage with my daughter. We watched the birthday cake bake off (which I must admit was amazing and then I got to watch the tour. It was the final 5 km... which was crazy exciting on Saturday!

I have one other FO but it needs blocking and frankly, I need some sleep. So I'll save that for another post.

happy Crafting

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