Friday, July 25, 2008

brown sheep, brown sheep

here's what I have spun of the BFL so far:

It's about 1200 yards. I still have a bit more to go. But DH chose a vest that he likes. I need to spin/ply up some contrasting yarn (about 150 yards)

We bought a new camera today, the Olympus E510. Just in time for vacation. DH has been playing with it since we've come home. He says it's for the family. He's the one that talked into a DSLR. I hope that I get to use it sometime. It could make fro great pictures on my blog.

I'm too tired to post more. I want to sleep.

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hakucho said...

Good luck with your new camera. Sure hope you get to use it! I would love a camera with a better zoom some day, but they all are so expensive. Some day....

Have a wonderful vacation :)