Tuesday, July 01, 2008

busy busy busy

I have stuff to post, just no time.

I've finished 1.5 socks of the Charade and fulled my MIL's squatty sidekick. She chose (and bought) fabric for the lining at the Kutztown Folk Festival at Wilson's calico booth. We went there Sunday as well as to the Crystal Cave. The fair was great. I could have spent more time there but the kids were worn out. The disappointing thing was the lack of knitting and fiber. There was only one booth which sold knitted items, some handspun yarn, square needles, and roving. Her fiber is gorgeous. She has goats, bunnys and sheep....nice lady. When I find the paper with her info, I'll add it to this post.We got there at about 10 and left at about 4. At Crystal Cave, I stayed in the car with DS2 who was taking a LONG nap. Everyone loved the cave.

Yesterday, we went to the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary which is owned by my friend Mari Gruber. It was a great program and the kids loved it. In fact, DD asked me this morning when can we go back there? DH was chosen to be the human butterfly. I'll post pictures when I get them off the card of that. It was quite humorous!

Today we're off to Roadside America I haven't been there since I was about DS2s age...that's a long time ago and tomorrow DH swears in as an American citizen.

And I've been busy carding rolags to prepare for the Tour de Fleece on ravelry. I want to get as many ready for spinning as possible. Brown BFL for a vest for DH

I'll be adding to this post later, but for now I need to get ready for the trip!

happy crafting

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Anne said...

Carole! Send a huge congrats to Eduardo from all of us!

I love Roadside America - last time we went was about 12 years ago. Hope you had a blast!