Monday, December 31, 2007

they're back!

the progress trackers, that is. Not precisely what I wanted, but it will do until I can conquer the cute little ones that indigirl used to give out the code for. These are also not the ones that I had originally, but like I said, they'll do.

I've been busy d/l patterns galore. But today (well technically yesterday) I managed to knit the first of 6 cloths for my parents to welcome them into their new apartment next Saturday, where they won't have a dishwasher. So they'll need dishcloths. And what says love more than a handknit one or two, or three...... I give you

Pattern: Slip and Slide cloth by Maile Mauch
Yarn: Lily's Sugar n Cream
Color: Potpourri Ombre
Needle: US7

My idea is to make all 6 cloths from the same yarn (I have a 12 oz ball) and to make 1 a day so that on moving day I can deliver them. They'll need something to make them smile. I wish they had made this move sooner when they could really enjoy all the place has to offer.

Dad's really not doing well. He's in a lot of pain and I can't help but wonder if it's related to the drug therapy he's on for the treatment of his cancer. I was down on Friday to try to help them start to pack up but feel as though I accomplished nothing. Of course, mom sent me home with more stash: 600g of Brunswick Germantown wool in Winterberry Heather and about 200g of the same, I think, in white. As well as 3 containers of sewing notions: buttons, elastic, bias tape, thread, ribbon, needles, etc. and a cute little box to help house some of it. I did manage to find the dishes and glassware that is still boxed that they can start out with so we don't have to scurry to pack the stuff they're using right now up.

I also finished the last cloth for my SIL on Saturday. I'll post a picture of that after I block it. It needs it.

DD went to a sleepover last night. Surprisingly, I was feeling lost without her. I guess my little girl is really growing up. DS1 was so jealous. He claims he wants to go to a sleepover too.

We were at Hershey Park Thursday evening with our friends. The kids had a blast. It wasn't too cold either. But it's a late night until we get home and everyone (asleep) in the house and in bed. We'll see these same folks tonight to ring in the new year.

Santa was good to all of us but he brought me knitting goodness. Lots of tape measures (they always seem to be awol) and WPI tool, an electronic row counter, and a bag that holds 4 skeins of yarn, looks like I'll be liearning intarsia soon. AND a certificate for the Harmony sock needle set. They're out of stock until after the new year. But I want to get in an order before free shipping goes up to $50. DH doesn't know it yet, but I'm ordering a set of blocking wires from with a 50%off coupon... I'll need them to block mom's shawl.

OK.. off to knit. Happy new year everyone and happy crafting


hakucho said...

I'm sure your parents will love and appreciate the dishcloth set.

Lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)

g-girl said...

blocking wires with a 50% off coupon?? Where have I been! :P sorry to hear your dad isn't doing too well. i'm sure the thought of moving isn't helping much either. at least you are there to help out. :) i've been hearing good things about those harmony needles..