Sunday, December 02, 2007

snow = baking

DD finished her gingerbreadhouse this morning. Since it had snowed here, we decided to make it snow on her house as well. The snow is strawberry cotton candy... yum! The snowmen, gingerbread people and trees are JustBorn peeps in different shapes. Just Born factory is actually in our town, so we had to use them!

We also made a double batch of peanut butter cookies from the Emeril's cookbook There's a Chef in my Soup. They are very peanut buttery...

I made a spinach quiche as well for lunch and tried to sneak in a few rows of knitting while listening to Brenda Dayne's pocast Cast On. It's my FAVORITE podcast. Love you Brenda!

I was thinking last night that maybe we'd have no school tmrw or a delay, but I'm doubting it more and more.... guess I'll be singing Christmas music all day after all!



Hey there! I simply took inexpensive white pipe cleaners and twisted them into the shape of hangers. i think i snipped each one in have to get the right size.

hakucho said...

Your gingerbread houses are fantastic!!