Sunday, December 02, 2007

Finally a knitted picture

of Jackyll and Hyde.

It took long enough for me to get DS1 to not goof while I was taking his picture. He thinks he's a ninja with this hat on. LOL

Pattern: Jackyll and Hyde from Knitty
Yarn: 1000purewool
Color: Deep Sea (I think it's really azul profundo) discontinued color
Needle: Size 8 DPNs

I really made this for DS2 but he refuses to put it on. Perhaps after he sees his brother wearing it, he'll want to wear it. The second guy is the one who needs it!

It snowed over night. Not a lot, but everything is white and beautiful. I went to Moravian College Vespers last night. It was a whole drama with DD. I invited a friend and she didn't want to stay home with a sitter, so DH got her in without a ticket, since he conducts one of the choirs. After the 3 of us were sitting together she wanted to come home. Go figure. She should be on Broadway.

DS1 took his gingerbread house in to school. I forgot to snap a picture of it :-( It was so cute. DD was supposed to take hers in Friday. I was moving it to the box for transport and the pieces came apart. So she'll take it tmrw. After the repair crew finished it (me). To say she wasn't happy was an understatement I'll post a picture of hers after we complete it.

Have a happy Sunday. We're going out to play in the snow as soon as the bookends wake up. DS1 fell asleep early I suspect, as he was awake at 6 AM.... (never on a school day does that happen LOL)

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AlisonH said...

Heh. When people ask me how to spell the last name, I say "As in Dr. Jekyll" and they always get it--and my hubby responds, "I can tell YOU didn't grow up with the name!"