Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël

In the spirit of being green (I am mother nature, I believe) I wrapped the gifts for our family in Christmas quilting fabrics. I offered if they wanted to keep it (my SIL does quilt( they were welcome to it, but if they had no use for it, please return it so that it could be reused. I think the gifts look lovely and I was happy not to be using any more paper than Santa would need at our house!

It was a great time with the family. Food abounded and I was stuffed when it came time for the evening church service. My folks were happy to be there with all of us and everyone liked their handmade gifts! I don't think my neice got the whole idea of the keyhole scarf... she's a smart young woman though; it'll dawn on her. My brother was thrilled with his completed mitten. Since he has 2 hands though, I worked on the flap of the second during church. Of course.. I knit it too long so now I'll need to frog. Serves me right! My other brother liked his utopia hat and luckiky for me, it fits him... it's snug, but that's good I think. Better than the hat for my neice's husband. Tychus is knit with 2 strands of worsted and it has a tendency to add size along with bulk even though it's on the same size needle as I'd used for one strand. When he rolls it it's fine, just like the picture on knitty.com
Red LOVED her headband and said she'll use it lots for skiing as she doesn't have one that she likes. I didn't even think of it for skiiing. but it's a great idea. I'm happy she likes it cuz she really spoils my kids. She got them a 6.0 Megapixel camera... hello they're little kids. The kids are always bugging me to use my camera. That's a thing of the past, they can point and shoot with this one and it has a nice 2.5" LCD screen for them to see their pics in the back! My nephew, the computer geek doesn't know the binary alphabet so I had to explain the meaning of the stripes on his hat. He did think it was pretty cool though. Dad didn't model his scarf. He wasn't up to it. Mom's shawl... well it's still OTN... and the cloths that were gifted to my dear SIL were well received. :-)

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g-girl said...

oh my gosh. what an awesome idea to use Christmas quilting fabrics to wrap up your gifts! Pure genius. Did your sil keep any of it? Sounds like everyone loved their gifts and it sounds like a good time was had by all. yay!