Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've done it again

screwed up my WIP tracker... I'll fix it after Christmas. I have too much knitting to finish before then to be messing with HTML. If anyone checks it out and has a quick fix... I'd appreciate it ;-)

Last night I worked on the linings of the two teacher gifts and have pictures to show.

First DS's teachers gift:

Pattern: Amanda's Squatty Sidekick from Interweave Knits Knitting Daily
Yarn: Peace Fleece
Color: Blueberry Borscht
Amount: 1 skein
Needle: 10.5

I had to close up the button loop a bit with some yarn because I wanted to use this button. It turned out fine though. Noone would be the wiser.

Then I made a lining from a cute fat quarter print I bought just for this purpose. I chose a solid coordinating fabric for pockets and put some bias tape along the top of the pockets to give a more finished look. There is a pocket on both sides of the interior. Last year when DD had her we gave her a change purse made from the same yarn.

DD's teacher's favorite color is army green. Of course it's probably the only color that I didn't have in the stash, so I had to buy wool for it.
Pattern: Fulled Lopi tote
Yarn: Cascade 220
Color: 2417
Needle: 13
Skeins used : almost exactly 2

I double stranded the yarn to knit this since Cascade 220 is worsted and the Lopi is bulky. So it really only takes about 215 yards of bulky weight yarn. I love this pattern it was a quick knit but a real PAIN to line. I hadn't bought fabric to line this so I was about to search the measly fabric stash I have and found a .....sheet that had the same green in it. The sheet was in the drop cloth pile but most of it was usable, so there you have it. The pink pocket is from the top of the sheet. I cut, folded and sewed it ina way that there is a double pocket. Actually this was the 2nd lining I made. The first just gave me too much trouble. This one isn't perfect either, but it works. Hope you like it Mrs. G!

While waiting for DD at gymnastics yesterday I was merrily knitting the mate to the peekaboo mitten sans instructions and forgot about the peekaboo part! so I had to frog. I didn't have the instructions with me, so I cast on for fingerless mitss for DS2's preschool teacher. Haven't gotten too far on them as the afternoon was spent with DS2 on my lap napping and of course I had to join him ;-)

The scarfs are blocked so I'll soon post pics and details of the keyhole scarf. The shawl is still OTN as is the remaining hunting mitten (haven't touched that pup in a while) have some cloths to do and something for my oldest brother.... have to decide still.

Tonight after the kids are in bed I'll finish the marble magnets. I want them done for Tuesday. Note to self: buy contact paper to cover the tops of the metal boxes (altoids boxes).

OK... off to make breakfast and coffee for me!

I'll tell you my thrifting story in the next post. DD found a gem for me :-)


hakucho said...

Beautiful bags! The teachers will love them :)

knittykitty said...

Your bags turned out beautifully, and you really do a wonderful job with the linings!

primdollie said...

oh the bags are perfect!!! I hate linings may have to come back and ask you for how to's when i get all of the ones I have near done and need to felt still!!! tried once and hated it so haven't done any more!! thanks for posting them!!! May have to try the fulled Lopi!!! I have a bunch of Lopi too!!! hugs Linda

Sandy said...

I *love* Amanda's Squatty Sidekick! I've bookmarked the pattern. :)

Thanks for taking a look at my MS3. I appreciate the kinds words!

g-girl said...

sigh..i wish i had a parent in my class that was a knitter and would take the time to make me half the stuff you make for your children's teachers! :) love the army green tote. :)