Tuesday, December 18, 2007

quick post...picture intensive

I took some pictures of the keyhole scarf tonight, but I won't be sharing those with you yet. It will take too long for me to put in the details of the pattern and if you can wait, maybe I'll even post the whole pattern!

But tonight I gave myself a good swift kick in the arse to get the special area teacher gifts commpleted for DD and DS1's school. I ade a set of marble magnets for each of their teachers:



and 2 PE:

I was going to use old Altoids containers that I had been saving just for this purpose, but DH suggest I "splurge" and buy the tins that they sell to hold gift cards. They work out great, but hve lots of romm.d
Lest you think I've not been knitting, I finished the pair of Warm Fuzzies for DS2's preschool teacher today. I need to weave in the ends yet, and sew on buttons. IT's a quick knit and they're really cozy.

Today I made my squash soup for dinner. I left out too may spices, just in case one of the kids wanted to try it. Of course, DH and I were alone eating it. Should have added what I wanted to in the beginning.

I also cast on for Smariek's Utopia Hat for my brother for Christmas tonight. I've been reading that it runs a bit small... I think I'll add on to the bottom a bit to give i t some extra length and maybe if I loosen my knitting a bit , it will fit him.

I'm really beat and should hit the rack. Today we had off again because of the snow on Sat/Sun or should I say ICE...it was like a rink out there. I'm secretly hoping for a delay tmrw. I could use one.

If you don't read me again before the 25th, have a wonderful Christmas.


primdollie said...

oh love the magnets super cute idea!!! They will love them!!! may have to try that for my teachers I work with for their birthdays and such!!! hope you won't mind me stealing your idea??? they are always hunting for magnets to post stuff on the board!!! fun fun!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!! Hugs Linda

hakucho said...

Super cute magnets. I'm sure they will be appreciated :)

g-girl said...

boy, have you been busily being crafty!