Thursday, November 01, 2007

trying plying, plying trying

I've plied over 700 yards of that Targhee cross. I'll post a picture next time. I'm still spinning the fleece... haven't even flicked all of it yet!

I cast on a hat for my neice's husbands Christmas gift today. It's Tychus from I hope he likes it. I'm making it as the pattern suggests with two strands.. boy it should be a warm hat OK BLogger won't let me put in a picture..I'll do it later

I've occasionally been working on the left mitten, my so called scarf and the shawl. I have to tell you a funny story about the scarf. I was leaving school last Friday with the scarf and the yarn in my jacket pocket. The yarn fell out unbeknownst to me and I kept walking (about 50 yards), crossed the street and got in the car (after putting DS2 in his seat etc) and noticed that there was a string of yarn out my door... I had to go back and fetch it because if I pulled it would just unwind from the ball AND it was stuck on a landscape tie. Of course as I'm running back to rescue the skein, two cars had to cross the road so I was frantically trying to gather all the yarn... what a mess. It took quite some time Saturday morning (after the rainy trick or treating and party) to clean it all up into usable form once more, only to find a knot, not far from where I had left off knitting... ARGH!!!!!!!

Here's the butterfly release finally... it's so fast you might miss it. The black spot in the sky that's flying aw

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g-girl said...

ugh..that has happened to me before--yarn falling out but not for 50 yards!! :P you poor thing. thanks for the butterfly release video. is that your house in the background?