Friday, November 16, 2007

it's now a scarf

with the ends woven in and everything :-)
Pattern: My so called scarf by Stacey
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino
Color: Retro
Amount: approximately 1.5 skeins
Needle: US 10.5 KPO

Finally this gift is done. This started out with the chicken rice-a-roni yarn from 100purewool but if you recall the skeins didn't match even though they were purchased at the same time (no dye lots with that yarn...kind of like manos) So into the frogpnd it went. I think these scarf looks more masculine, bu I'm not crazy about how the colors pooled.

3 gifts finished completely. 6 to go for the extended family and all those for our little (or not so little) family nucleus plus the teacher gifts.

We visited a very nice place today as a potential home for the rents. Woodriver Village. They strive to keep them living as indepentely as possible for as long as possible and the food is incredibly tasty. Still it makes me sad. Mom's eyes welled up when she thought of going through all their stuff to super downsize. It would be such an easier lifestyle for them though and peace of mind for us. We go see 2 more tmrw (well later today actually)

DS2 awoke again in the middle of the night to eat. I think there must be a growth spurt in progress.... he's been chowing down like crazy the past 2 days. Prolly didn't help that I was out of bed after waking up and remembering I promised DD I'd wash her uniform from today so she could wear it tmrw... She's so picky.. I wish there were stricter guidleines on acceptable attire for uniform, then there would be NO discussion.

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Love the scarf, Carole! Planning to knit that pattern for myself one day....
Shaun goes to Parochial school in Bethlehem, so of course, i'm thrilled with his uniform and dress code! He did a puppet for spanich class last month-out of orphan socks!