Tuesday, November 13, 2007


just thought I'd post an in-progress photo of DS2's balaclava. It's based on the Jackyll and Hyde from Knitty.com so there's full face coverage with just 2 openings for the eyes. I don't think I'll add the embroidered skeleton face details. Hope it fits his little head. It's from 100purewool merino so it's really soft.
The color reminds me of denim. Wish I had enough to make a pullover for myself, but there are only 3 skeins... enough for this and a pair of mittens with long cuffs for the boy...

Dad gets his carotid fixed tmrw so it's in better shape for his bladder surgery next Tuesday... My heart goes out to that guy.... this isn't a fun part of his life.

I just realized that I didn't post pictures of the targhee cross that was plied... about 1300 yard in these 2 skeins
the dark in the yarn is grease that got on the yarn. Hoping that it washes out when I soak the yarn before I dye it. It's about 17 wpi so that puts it at a thin fingering weight or thick lace weight... I'm thinking socks.

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LizzieK8 said...

You asked, on my blog, about using my pics for your pattern folder... Feel free! Glad you liked them!