Sunday, November 11, 2007

DD's craftiness

I finally have a picture of DD's art work that was in the gallery at the Baum School of Art from her summer class. We need to get it matted and framed. I love it!

DD has a puppet project for school that is due this week. She had to read a book and choose a character to make a papertowel tube puppet of. She chose Amelia Bedelia.

I think because the book wasn't much of a challenge for her... At any rate, I taught her how to sew by hand, wet felt and needle felt. Not a bad accomplishment for a 7 year old. She doesn't like poking herself with the needle when she sews.. I should get her a thimble I guess. I admit to helping her out. I drew on the felt and she cut out the pieces then stitched them together. She wimped out though and used Barbie shoes... at least she's clever!

Here's a close-up of the face. The eyes are little googly ones, the nose is felted wool added to the face and the mouth is drawn on with a marker.

As for me, I cast on Knitty's Jackyll and Hyde for DS2. He has cold urticaria and I want to avoid the hives this winter. I may add the face with white yarn. I like it because it will cover all his skin if he needs it, or he can wear it just as a hat. I need to make him mittens as well... plus finish all the Christmas gifts... guess I shouldn't be blogging but better off knitting.

I was spinning last night. I have all but finished the Targhee that is flicked.. of course there's more to flick AND I washed another Targhee fleece last night, so it will never end. I have 2 more raw fleeces to wash, then the fibers will be in varying stages for spinning. Should keep me busy this winter!

I found a pattern for DH's vest from the
Best of Interweave Knits: Our favorite designs form the first 10 years
. He likes it. Now to prepare the fiber: dark brown/black Finn.. it's so soft. I hope i spin it fairly.


g-girl said...

DD's Amelia Bedelia is cute!

AlisonH said...

You know, when people ask how to spell the name, I say as in Dr. Jekyll and they chuckle, while my husband goes, "I can tell YOU didn't grow up with that name!" Heh.

Amelia is cute.