Sunday, November 04, 2007


We had a family meeting today... my siblings and parents and I. While I was there, I knew that I was coming home with Dad's rock collection for DD to 'borrow' (She's really into rocks right now!) Mom had mentioned that she found some things for me to take along home.Talk about needles, stitch and cable holders!! I think my auntie Ree tried to teach me on the wooden ones when I was about DD's age. Her patience was much greater than mine and alas I didn't learn. She was a tight knitter and the cast on wouldn't move easily enough for my little hands so I gave up. If she could only see me now! She knit all my Barbie cloths (among sweaters, socks mittens, hats, blankets, ponchos etc) for us. Wish I still had them.... But that's a story for another time. At any rate, I ordered the Knits for Barbie book by Nicky Epstein to make some for DD. She's really excited about that!

There there were these. They're filled with sewing notions: buttons, bias tape, tape measure, pins, needles... you name it. Aren't they pretty little tins? I remember them from when I was a kid myself (and that's a L O O N G time ago).

I went upstairs to get the rock collection and found these in the closet.

I yelled down the steps to ask what it was for and she answered, "oh you can have that. I don't know what I bought it for" OK... thanks mom... this rocks. 24 oz of Flock's Faultless Yarns: Best in the World Knitting Worsted made of 100% all Virgin Wool. It sayw Flock's Faultless Yarns are made from the best of wools, evenly spun and perfect in twist. These yarns are unequalled for their softness, durability and richness of color. THey are made to stand the severest tests and most exacting criticism. IN purchasing yarn, always insist upon haveing FLOCK'S FAULTLESS YARNS. This label is a symbol of manufacturing perfection and painstaking care, your guarantee of absolute satisfaction. (thought pretty highly of themselves, no?)
At any rate 2 4oz skeins of each color: dusty rose, medium burgundy and dark burgundy. I think it will go in the freezer for a few days just to insure there are no buggies layin in it! It's pretty soft, not merino but not scratchy like shetland eiither. I wonder how old it is and from whence it came.

At the bottom of the bag were these three lonely skeins. I'll take them to school for our PSSA knitting project. They'll be great for squares for the blanket (or whatever we decide to knit for)

She also sent me home with little robes for the boys that were brought back from Japan for my 2 older brothers when they were little. Satiny purses for Mica and some stickers for the kids. How am I so lucky?

And the rock collection... well it ROCKS! and it came with a microscope science set that was my pops when he was a kid too.

I need sleep... After being up all night fixing the 750 grades and comments to be saved to where they should be rather than where I put them, I still drove about 90 minutes to my folks house and back. On the way back (in the dark) I discovered that both low beam headlights were not functioning... that was fun!


hakucho said...

Oh, boy hit the jack pot! Have fun knitting with all that vintage yarn :) You ended up with some treasures and now I bet your parents feel a little lighter ;)

AlisonH said...

Yarns of a feather Flock together. Glad you get to go play with them! Cool. When my folks downsized, my mom gave nearly all her yarn to a neighbor, I being 3000 miles away. I had to stop a moment to realize that was fine, there's no way the neighbor could possibly have had as much stash already as I do to go play with. Ahem. Um, yeah.

g-girl said...

wow, you sure did rake in a lot of stuff! It's nice to be surprised like that once in a while. :) oh, I love the sewing notion kits!! They're gorgeous.