Saturday, November 03, 2007

2 down

and too many more to go!

Finished another Christmas gift today during the Lehigh Valley NATS chapter meeting and master class.

Pattern: Tychus
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted
Colors: MC = Sandy Heather
CC = Blue Heirloom
Needle: US9 Boye straights

This is for my niece's husband. Hope it fits him. I think it's a bit big... but it should be really warm. I love the two colors together. The sandy heather is the same color that I made his scarf from last year. So at least they'll match!

Still didn't take a picture of all the yarn that is now in 2 huge hanks... hopefully soon. I have 750 music grades to do this weekend and a meeting with my siblings and parents about my parents' future living arrangements.

Dad goes in for surgery in a couple of weeks to remove some tumors in his bladder. Positive vibes and prayers would be appreciated.....

more later as I finish those gifts.

Happy crafting

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Tychus is too cool! I've been eying that pattern for quite a while.....nice job!