Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween party time

Last night was trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. It was pouring rain but I still managed to go through about 5 pounds of candy. After we had a little get together with one od DDs friends from school and her family. It was a great way to meet and talk with other adults about our age with kids our kids'ages ( a rarity) I tried to put out a bit of a spread with food for both adults and kids.
Hummus and pita triangles
Avocado dip
Chili dip
4 varieties of cheese
olives (for eyeballs)
taco chips
cut out cookies
witch finger pretzels (dipped in white chocolate with almond slice fingernails)
Frankenstein cupcakes
Sparkling cider (with a ice cube hand floating in it)

I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did... fun conversation and the kids had fun too after they dried off!

I've been busy plying. This is 540 yards 2 ply 17 wpi of Targhee cross.... I still have more to ply and tons more to spin. Just need to find some time. I've been busy working on the shawl, the mittens and the scarf.... when I get some free minutes.

Happy Crafting


hakucho said...

Very cute, but scary cupcakes ;)

g-girl said...

oh, the spread sounds lovely and I hope everyone had a great time too! :)