Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Well ok he's not a baby he's 3 today... and I can't believe it. The little boy who was infamous at the hospital for his quick delivery. We arrived at 12:02 PM and he was born at 12:16 PM Easiest pregnancy and delivery of all 3 of my babies... The delivery that I wanted for each, I finally got with our surprise present! Happy, happy day Pablito.....

Happy day for me today to.. Actually yesterday was opening day for the Love2Knit Dishcloth fall/food exchange, but I forgot so this morning at about 5:30 I tore into the package (yes I was up long before that time, but we won't go into those details) My initial (and repeated) response was WOW!!!!! The great aroma that met my nose as I opened the package and the haul inside was overwhelming. The thing that is missing from the picture is the tea... I've already had a cup... mmmm mmmmm! Thank you so much Cindy... I am such a lucky girl!

This is the beautiful cloth made from my favorite cotton yarn Plymouth Fantasy Naturale.. love the colors, love the pattern and really love how silky smooth it feels...

This pumpkin is from the knitty pattern. I love the curly tendrils... I've been wanting to make this for some time now... :-)

And the pie made from the pumpkin... Cindy designed this herself... how did she get the crust so perfect??

Then the little pumpkin scrubber and wonderful scented candles. it's the motherlode I tell you.

And if that's not enough a ball of Sugar 'n Cream in a colorway that is NOT in my stash (that alone is amazing)

And here's what I sent her (i'm ashamed that it's so pitiful) The cloth is the one that I designed as I knit. And it will remain one of a kind, because I never did write the pattern down.

The little pumpkin is based on the pattern by Marni of Curly Purly fame. Funny how we both chose pumpkins as our theme. I followed the pattern to the T picking up stitches at the top to close up the hole and knit the stem with an i-cord that decreased from 7 to 3 stitches.

Wish I had more to say, but I'm very tired... and jope that DS2 will have a good night's rest tonight (he was barking like a seal last night, poor guy!)

happy crafting

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