Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All aboard

Thomas the Tank engine. This was the "official" birthday cake. The party was halted by mom's surprise visit to the hospital on Saturday. The plan was to go to their house Sunday after church so they wouldn't have to manuever the steps anywhere. So the plan was changed.... and P didn't get his Thomas cake until Sunday night. But he didn't complain at all. What a good kid... he was just happy to have cake and another candle to blow out!

The mailman brought a package from ebay this week with 10 skeins Knitting Fever's King Tut mercerized Egyptian cotton yarn. 7 skeins of hot orange, 2 of yellow and 1 of red.

I finished one spool of targhee cross... it's relatively thin, haven't measured it yet, but I'm spinnning the second spool so that I can ply them together. Hoping for a sockweight give or take when it's all said and done.

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g-girl said...

how fun, a thomas the train cake! hope mom is okay.