Sunday, October 21, 2007

quick update

before we run to the grocery store (what fun)

I frogged the chicken rice-a-roni scarf... looked through the stash and decided on the retro colorway of Paton's merino. It will definitely provide a different look than I was really looking for, but the colors are nice and the beige matches dad's hat from last year almost perfectly. It's not quite as soft either... I just wasn't ready for the agony of hand dyed yarn again... (not that there isn't enough in my stash) I cast on for that on Friday. Knit through DD's gymnastics class yesterday.

This morning I cast on for the show your colors shawl by Spunky Eclectic. DH bought my wheel from her... love her colorways.. anyway this is in the berries in the snow colorway I dyed about a month and a half ago... Hope mom likes it!

I also finished the first hunter's mitten and started the second on Thursday. No pictures of that yet though.

And Monday night in the shadow of disgust for the miscolored scarf, I cast on the Binary Hat for my dear nephew. His favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers and his high school colors were black and orange, but the piece de resistance is that he works for Best Buy in the Geek Squad and their colors are..... black, orange and white... hence:

Pattern: The Binary Hat
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride
Colors: Ebony and Harvest
Needle: US 8

I love that it knit up so quickly. I was finished Tuesday evening and that was with working a full day on Tuesday. It says his name in binary language reading from the top down. I'm not sure that he's geeky enough to notice though. Maybe I'll enclose a note with the gift!

I'm in the midst of plying Targhee.... finished the second bobbin this morning. Pictures later.

We settled our contract. Both sides agreed now to wait for the signing until it's really finalized. There are some issues that I won't disclose, but let's say it could be sticky!

Getting ready for Halloween with the kids.. this next weekend will be CRAZY... to say the least. Trick or treating, parties and parades... yikes!

gotta go DD is getting restless

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