Friday, October 05, 2007

fiber, fiber everywhere

and not much time to knit.

Wednesday, the mailman delivered 1000g of lucious 100purewool merino... half of it was 3 ply worsted weight and the other half single ply laceweight. All of it undyed... just waiting for me to play!

Thursday, he delivered 1 pound of lucious natural white Blue Face Leicester top... I mean I could roll in the stuff. I took a chunk and wrapped it round my neck like a scarf. DS1 sat on my lap and said.. "oh just cover me in that. it feels so good" (I guess I'm training the boys well. DD hates the thought of anything resembling wool or cotton.)

Seriously though, I have no time to knit (or spin) these days. How will I ever finish the gift list?

•Mom - shawl
•Dad - my not so scarf
•Bro 1 - hat
•Bro 2 - hunting mitts
•SILs and niece - half dozen dishcloths each
•Nephew - Binary hat (he's a computer geek)
•Niece's DH - Tychus
•Friend - Crayon Scarf
•Friend's DD - Wave Hat
•DH - socks (vest in queue... yarn needs to be spun first)
•Kids teachers - purses
•Daycare teacher - fingerless mitts

I have more but... the list grows and time diminishes... enough to make me crazy

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g-girl said...

i'm tired just looking @ your gift list! :P