Monday, October 15, 2007

mismatched colorways

And I bought it all at the same time from 100purewool.. oh bother! (in my best Winnie the Pooh voice) Now what to do.. guess dad's scarf is going to the frog pond... I think I'll let it rest and start on one of the other gifts. I can use it but alternate skeins every other row... but it just fires me up... I love the pattern, but it's not fun to frog and this wool is sticky if that makes any sense. Here is another shot, just to give you an idea of how much was finished... shed a tear for me please. if I wasn't feeling so overwhelmed with things to make, it wouldn't bother me at all... but gosh I have a pile to do and no time to get it done.

On a happier note, this arrived last week. It's all washed up and ready to comb/card. Just need to find some time. It's incredibly soft and shiny..... Purebred Finn hoggett fleece... mmm mmmm

And a shot of just one lock. Not the best background, but it gives an idea of the crimp.

I am almost finished spinning the second bobbin of the Targhee cross.... so so I'll be plying :-) Then I'll post a picture of that.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to spin dog hair this weekend. It was from a long haired Shepherd. It was going OK, I thought, but the it all went to h**l and back... maybe another day. I should read more about it anyway.

I've got tons to do for school... the school board votes on our proposed contract tomorrow night and to say I'm nervous about the outcome doesn't cover it. The last thing I want is the S word.... That could stink big time!

well.... off to do uncrafty things... and bake some more banana muffins... that will be the highlight of my morning tmrw (eating them of course)

happy crafting


g-girl said...

oh no. you poor, poor dear. it was going along so well too! i get what you mean about the yarn being sticky. when i used manos for a scarf and had to frog a few rows i had that problem too. :( good luck!

hakucho said...

I cry for your with your really badly mismatched colorway. I know it happens and sometimes it's not too badly noticed, but this...poor you :(

It was going so well...if you have to frog time alternate that one skein with the the rest every couple of rows and then it will hopefully blend in.