Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ten on tuesday

this week is 10 things that annoy you about work. I'm opting out this week. I'm sure I could come up with at least 10, but I rather not try. In reality, there are parts of my job that I wouldn't trade for the world and many of those parts are the kids I teach. At any rate, no negativity today... instead

I leave you with my latest craftiness:

Today was twin day (remember the 8 YO drama) Well I'm happy to say that DD has a friend that she is a twin with. This friend's first name also begins with M as does DDs. She got the idea of making shirts with m&m's on them that said GO M & M.... so of course I took charge and made these:

The other M's mom made hair barrettes that they could wear and they're wearing shorts with their school logo and sneakers. When she was approached by the other parties for a solution to their outfit, she politely told them it was OK, she found a new twin. I'm so proud of her :-)

DS2 had his last day of daycare on Friday and took these wooden boxes in for the daycare workers. My idea was to get them flowers, but he saw me making boxes for his siblings special teachers and wanted in on the action.

They're decorated on the sides as well. If I had had more time, I would have liked to have lined them. But what can you do with only 2 day's warning?

His brother and sister are taking these in to their special area teachers.

These are also decorated on the sides and signed on the bottoms

Here are the ones in the back so you can see their sides as well

I'd love to say I've finished knitting something. Well I have, just no pictures. I finished 1 of DHs socks. working on the other ready for the heel, and another lizard ridge square. Also for WWKIP day I made 2 squares and am working on the third to donate to the collective blanket. (I did those during the faculty meeting today)

School's out for summer :-D Although I'm contemplating painting my classroom in the old building. It hasn't been painted in 20 years.... could use a new look. And of course I'll be working on all my plans now so that I can knit during the school year as well.

I've been working on assembling the blanket for the Linus Project as well. I hate seaming!

hope it's cooler where you are.... 99 degrees here today, as was yesterday.
happy crafting


Katie said...

Those are so cute. What a great gift. Heck of a lot better than a coffee mug!:}

g-girl said...

oh, i love the little boxes your kids gave out this year! particularly the round ones. :) I'm glad DD found a new twin and told those other girls too.