Sunday, June 22, 2008

silvia has returned :-)

with a new optical drive and double the RAM. Thanks Greg.... love havin' a geek in the family.

So much to share and where to start?

Last Monday we had a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine We went with another family that are wonderful friends with 2 boys. Everyone had a blast. We took picnic lunches and ate under the shade of the trees by the train museum in Strasburg. There was so much to do that we were all exhausted by day's end.

We stayed over at the Holiday Inn Express next to the Rockvale Outlets. The idea was to go shopping. Aba and I went that night while the men took the kids to the pool, but the next day we didn't hit any stores because DD convinced DH that we HAD to go to Dutch Wonderland which was down the street from the hotel. We had been there 2 years ago and I guess she had a great time. This time DS1 could go on every ride in the park. We stayed until a bit after 3 because DS1 had gymnastics class at 5:30. I went to the school board meeting in the district where I work for some evening entertainment. Honestly, I can't believe the poor ethics of the directors there. But I guess having all my previous knowledge I shouldn't have been too surprised.

Wednesday was a quiet day (we needed to recuperate) DD had gymnastics in the evening.

Thursday was DS1's birthday and we had a kid party at Bounce U. I'm telling you they take care of everything. It's a parent's dream party. The cake was even tasty... we had dominoes pizza, beverages and cake from Weis Markets. He opted for a power ranger cake.

We had workmen at the house all day Thursday and Friday installing AC in the kids rooms. I have to say the 2nd floor is so comfortable now. And the units on the wall are very small and unobtrusive. I'm very happy :-) But that meant that we were out chopping down the rose bushes so they wouldn't eat the poor guys doing all the installation. It's a condensor unit outside that has some copper tubing and wiring that goes into the unit which hangs on the wall. There is a small hole through the side of the house in which all the pipes etc travel. Gives me even more resolve to stay here for quite some time.

Yesterday we had the family party for DS1. It was cookout style. Hamburgers and hotdogs for those meat eaters and veg stuff for us. This was the first year that I didn't make his cake. We got it our our local grocery Wegmans I did, however, make yummy potato salad and a kind of Waldorf salad. I didn't really measure anything but this is somewhat how it goes

Carole's Blue Cheese Waldorf Salad:

  • 8 celery cut into 1/2" chunks
  • 4 granny smith apples cut into 1" chunks
  • 1 c chopped walnuts
  • 1 c crumbled blue cheese
  • 6 T mayonnaise (more or less)

Mix together and refrigerate until serving.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture. If I make it again I'll post the picture here with the recipe.

I finished DH's socks. Here's one... I'm hoping he'll model them. A funny story to go along with them. We were singing at a union ceremony on the 14th. We were invited to a rehearsal dinner at which the accompanist would be there as well as some other performers (there wasn't a rehearsal per se) so of course I took along my knitting. And thinking I'd be knitting up a storm, took along the finished sock to have something to measure the 2nd one against. While we were rehearsing with the accompanist (and waiting our turn) I pulled out the sock to knit... unknowingly dropping the completed sock on the floor) We left later that evening and went to our hotel (yes the first night ever away from the kids together) and I noticed I was missing sock #1. So I called the folks and asked them to bring it to the wedding. They did but we all had our thoughts turned elsewhere, so when it came time to leave the reception, they told us that the sock was around somewhere but they didn't exactly know where at that moment because it had been carried around all day. Well I knew DH would see them the next week so I wasn't too worried, but the thought that maybe it decided to walk away by itself did cross my mind. I finished the 2nd sock without it's mate and DH brought it home today to reunite the two. I'll post more details about the pattern with a picture of the couple together.

I started a pair of socks for myself as well. They're going faster than DH's. It's with yarn I bought on ebay. I believe it's a company called ColorMe.

I had a misfortunate occurence today. I broke one of my Lantern Moon needles. It snapped in two... along with it snapped my heart! I only use these to knit on the Lizard Ridge... I guess I'll be making a short needle and a DPN ... I wrote to Lantern Moon to see if by any chance they have a replacement policy... keeping my fingers crossed.

I need to start a Squatty Sidekick for MIL and I need to find something to knit for me for the knitting olympics on ravelry. I had wanted to do the wild stripes for a friend who is due at the end of Sept. Thought it would give me a push... but that doesn't qualify since it's not for me! Oh what to do. Also signed up for the tour de fleece in which I hope to finish spinning the yarn for DH's vest. Maybe I can get that made for him for Christmas!

well nuff said for now... I'm so glad silvia is back. How I missed you!


hakucho said...

Did you try to repair your needle with gorilla glue? I've had very good luck repairing my circular needles that have broken and so far so good, I'm still using them!

Happy (belated)birthday to your son. Glad your husband's socks are finally together ;)

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

you've been busy while silvia was away! oh no..your poor needles. did they replace them for you?? cute story about the sock! what's a squatty sidekick?