Friday, June 13, 2008

finished object friday

I made a bookmark for DS's teacher as part of her end of the year gift.

Pattern: Elegant bookmark by Michele Thompson
Scroll down to 5th row for pattern
Yarn: from mom's stash
Color: light blue
Needle: size 2
Bead: wire wrapped glass bead bead package bought at Walmart

Since the yarn was really stiff I didn't feel the need to starch the bookmark. I did put my lace blocking wires on it and steam it with the iron however. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Also finished is square 11 of the Lizard Ridge in color 134C

and one complete sock for DH for father's day... and on the second, I'm turning the heel.

We went to IKEA on Wednesday to get plain legged desk chairs for the kids rooms and a toy box. DD's chair is light pink and DS is blue. The chairs still awaiting construction. The 'toy box' has 5 shallow white bins and 2 deeper red ones. We agreed that if we got the deepest blue bins, the toys would more than likely be scattered about the room. You can buy lids for the bins and all the Trofast styles would be great for storing yarn as well.

We also bought the cutest teapot in white. With the in-laws visiting, we're drinking loads of tea and I didn't have a proper pot. Now to figure a pattern for a cozy for the interesting shape!

Today is the kids last day of school. They are excited beyond belief. Summer vacation begins for everyone in 2 hours.

We are going to a committment ceremony tomorrow, perhaps I'll kip there ;-) At any rate I got a great blue reversible dress to wear at the VIA boutique near my home... love it and the price even more :-D One side is light blue with navy polka dots and the other side is navy background with light blue paisley. It's polyester but very light and flowing fabric and is cut straight... super comfy. I'm gonna love this dress :-) DH bought a new suit. 'nuff said

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