Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ch ch ch changes

This week's 10 on tuesday is how have things changed since you were in school.

hmmmmmm... it seems I'm still in school (as a teacher) but I'll assume this means as a student and I'm going to take it from say late 70s early 80s which is my high school/college days.

  • cell phones.....we joked around taking the phone from the Bell Tell office to our college apt holding the receiver up to our ears as if we were talking on the phone while driving in the car... thinking it was so ludicrous.

  • internet.....I know it was around, but not for me!

  • Digital: music, photos, movies you name it.... we played LPs, maybe cassettes but certainly not CDs and mp3... how can you fit all that stuff on something so small?

  • life was simpler, you knew all the people in your neighborhood and everyone watched out for the kids. My parents didn't worry when I would take off on my bike and ride for 20 or 30 miles or if I was gone for the day. No news was good news. I know I'd never be comfortable with my kids doing that.

  • reality TV..... we lived real life, not watch it.

  • the dollar actually had some worth and the stock market was in better shape...nuff said

  • we all played outside because there was no such thing as video or computer games....my kids still love to play outside and we have staved off at least the video games (although I'm not sure for how long)

  • hybrid cars.....were a science fiction anomaly

  • MRIs.......you want to see inside your body, take an X-ray

  • the way kids treat their elders.... has changed incredibly even in the 21 years I've been teaching, and I think it has lots to do with their parents. Maybe I'm living in the wrong decade

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Florinda said...

Childhood has definitely changed - some ways for the worse, but there are probably some ways it's better...aren't there?

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.