Thursday, January 31, 2008

<3-felt(ed) wishes

The baskets are felted. The darker one took 3 times as long to felt as the pink. It's the kind wool.. Makes sense that Vermont aran (designed for fisherman sweaters) would be heartier and more difficult to felt than merino. At any rate, they're both drying but I thought I'd post some pictures for all to see.

The first:

Pattern: Heart-felt wishes by Carol Bristol
Yarn: Vermont Natural Wool aran weight double stranded
Color: Handyed by me with easter egg dyes and food coloring
Needle: US13
Amount: about 3 oz.

The second:

Pattern: The same as above
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino double stranded
Color: 210 Petal Pink
Needle: US 13
Amount: about 2 oz.

Interesting to note the size differences between the two baskets. The only variable was the wool. The Paton's fulled in 1 wash cycle. The Vermont aran needed 3 cycles to full. The thickness of the wool has a result on size but the texture also had an effect on the final result.

All in all, filled with chocolate, I think it will be a lovely gift. One that I, for sure, would love to receive. It's a quick knit and the only part I didn't enjoy was picking up the stitches from the bottom to knit the sides of the basket, but that's always my least favorite thing to do, pick up stitches. I'd make it again for the right person. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the pattern is still available online. I downloaded it quite some time ago and when I went to look for it the other night, couldn't find it online.

update: Carol's pattern is NO longer available online. If you're interested in it, contact her, maybe she'd sell it to you.


Ursula said...

I love 'em! I had a good experience with the picot edge vase from Carol Bristol. Fun and easy to knit. The bowls will make great gifts! That would be a bummer if the pattern was truly discontinued :(

hakucho said...

They are all fabulous. My favorite yarn for felting is definitely Paton's.

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

well, that sucks the pattern is no longer available. your felted bowls are so cute. Like you, I'd love to receive one of these too!