Sunday, January 27, 2008


The little Panasonic point and shoot is now the camera I'm using. The kids got if from Red for Christmas. I don't know about the Kodak... I'm so sad about that camera.

Here are some pics:

Pattern: show your colors shawl by Spunky Eclectic
Yarn: Jeannie by Kraemer Yarns
Color: Handyed by me "berries in the snow"
Needle: US4

The color in this picture isn't great. The picture below shows its best color. I made a few stray yarnovers that are noticeable upon close inspection, but it's barely noticeable. The new thing that I learned while finishing this shawl was the knitted picot edge. I like it and it's easy peasy! Also this was my first real blocking and a chance to use the wires I bought at with a 50% off coupon :-)

Here's mom with her newly acquired shawl. I drove down to my brother's house this afternoon to give it to her along with some other things for she and dad. I think she likes it. Hope she uses it in good health!

Tami over at Tami knits is hosting a contest in celebration of her 100th post. Go leave a comment to enter to win some yarn and stitch markers and tell her I sent you!

DD's rug has been started. Her room is pink so I chose pink. She had a fit and wanted blue So we compromised and put both colors in with white as a buffer. I'm modifying the flower power towel pattern.

That's about it for now.. Happy crafting



Shawl is lovely to look at!

hakucho said...

Your mother's shawl is beautiful. That's a great idea enlarging the flower power dishcloth pattern for a rug. I really like that...perfect for a girl's room. Don't think my boys would be too happy with that ;)

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

ooh, the picot edging is cute. how do you like those blocking wires? I've been on the fence about getting some for myself!