Sunday, January 13, 2008

another year older and no smarter

the half century mark is approaching more and more quickly. I was so glib to tease my brothers when they turned 50, I'm sure it will come back to bite me in the behind when the day comes.

DH was so generous to me... I'll post pictures soon, but right now isn't the time. I can say he bought me almost all things wool but nothing for me to make. In other words, no yarn, already FOs... from Donegal Square (one of my favorite stores downtown) and a beautiful necklace from the same place.

We went out and got the 2 oldest kids new mattresses. Ready to be picked up Thursday.

It's snowing now.. I can pray for a snow day tmrw. Half of me wants it and the other half dreads it.... never make this old woman happy!

I worked on mom's shawl this weekend. Was knitting on the way to church (a long commute) and noticed a dropped stitch before the last lace section... so I'm frogging back to the stockinette section. I was so hoping to finish it today, but I'm afraid that won't be happening.

We went to see the folks today. My younger older brother brought dad from rehab to the apartment both yesterday and today so that he and mom could spend some quality time together (and to get him out of that place) so we all had lunch together. The kids were pretty well behaved but 3 hours of being in the 'village' was about all they could handle. Next week I'll go alone and try to get something accomplished for them. I know the visit with the grandkids was good mental health for mom. Dad gets annoyed with them behaving like little kids (which of course they are.. he'd reather have grandchildren that were 3 5 and 7 that behaved as if they were 18 and older) He's back to his old self again... but he's looking worn. I hope he gets to move in the apartment soon. He needs that.

Happy crafting!


hakucho said...

Happy Birthday!

g-girl said...

your dad is funny...he'd rather have grandkids that were 3, 5, and 7 but behaved as if they were 18??? so not possible. glad to hear he's back to his old self again.