Sunday, January 27, 2008


My camera seems to be broken. I'm wondering if little hands got hold of it. I have a shawl to show off and some new projects I'm working on. One is a knitted rug for DD's bedroom. I'm adapting the flower power hand towel pattern by enlarging it and using triple stranded cotton on 10.5 needles (well 2 of the 3 strands in the triple strands are double worsted, so it's like 5 times the thickness of the towel)

My brother called at 11 PM today asking for some remedies to my father's incontinence problems as a result of the recurring tumors in his bladder. well not a solution to the problem, but rather ways to deal with it. Seems dad isn't doing well with adult dipes... a. doesn't want to spend the $ (and probably isn't changing as often as he should to make them effective) and b. is getting confused as to how they work. So at any rate, they aren't working out very well. I grabbed some prefolds that we have sitting in the house waiting to be liberated and some Malden Mills fleece I bought oh so long ago and fashioned a super thick pad... by folding and sewing the prefold in thirds and sewing the fleece to the back to act as a waterbarrier. I made two tonight and hope that DH (who is battling the flu) is on his pins enough to let me run down there in the afternoon (it's a 60 mile trip each way) to deliver them and show him how to use them. I was thinking maybe I should try to knit up a wool soaker for his as well. I'll have to get him some briefs though because these won't work so well in boxers. The man is so thin I could wind up getting teen briefs. He 6' tall and only weighs about 130 pounds so a size small should do fine. I have a wool pad that is made from a felted sweater, double thick (the back and front parts of the body are sewn together) that I then lanolized so that he could sit on that in case of leakage. How ironic that DS2 has been out of dipes for about 6 months now and I'm still working on wool and cloth. Getting old isn't any fun!

I found a gorgeous cloth pattern on Ravelry that I think I'll knit for myself. It's really pretty. It's called Ivy's cloth. It was a part of the cloth of the week KAL that I belong to but haven't had time to knit... one of these days.

WIth any luck I'll find the software to install on my computer for the kids camera they got for Christmas so that I can upload the pictures.... I'll bet they won't even fix my camera :-(

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