Monday, January 21, 2008

oh my

it's been over a week with no posts. Shame on me.

Here's my brother's mittens finally finished YEA!!!!!!

Pattern: The mitten wardrobe by Kate Atherly
Yarn: Bernat Camouflage
Color: Outback
Needle: Size 4 and size 6 dpns

I married two mittens from the wardrobe and came out with this child. The left mitten is the regular mother's mitten a simple convertible mitten. The right one is the mother's mitten wed to the bad habit mitten.

Since my brother will most likely be wearing these hunting (don't get me started), he needs a trigger finger on the right hand. One was finished for Christmas and the other almost. At church on Christmas eve I sat and knitted and when he tried it on, the flap was too long, so while ripping I lost my mojo... and it sat, and sat. I had more important things to do like knit cloths for mom and dad and work on mom's shawl and I hated knitting with acrylic.

But now it's over and I'm so happy. If I was a tad more wasteful I'd burn what was left of the second skein. But I didn't use much of it, so I'm hoping to get a hat for him yet.

I finished mom's shawl during the inservice with 2 hours to spare. Now it needs some blocking, but the colors are gorgeous.... Hope she likes it. I'll post a picture after it's blocked. I wish I had taken something wlsee with me to work on. It was a boring in-service.

Dad went in the hospital again on Saturday. His port was leaking on the left side. The don't know what's blocking the ureter.. I have my suspicions, but fear if I say them aloud, it will make them true. DS2 and I got to the apt. just as the nurse and security had arrived. He was slightly (haha) agitated that they were sending him to the hospital, but they didn't want to mess with a leaking port. He has surgery well today now in the afternoon to open up the ureter again. My heart aches for him.

Well DS2 just came down the steps crying. He still feels a tad feverish.....



OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU! The mitts look great! i have some Outback and Renagade also but i'm knitting ribbed baby hats with them for a co-worker. maybe socks too.
Happy belated birthday to you!!!

BTW-have you been to Kraemers lately. i'm woefully overdue! must not buy yarn!!!

g-girl said...

hopefully he'll be okay.