Sunday, February 03, 2008

multiplying yarn

Yesterday, I took the older 2 kids and DDs friend to see the Hannah Montana concert 3D movie..... at 8 AM. Yes, you read that right AM. It was the only show that wasn't sold out. That means on Saturday that gymnastics were cancelled and we COULD have slept in, we were up at 6 to get dressed and eat and be awake enough to go to the movies. Crazy I tell you.

In the late afternoon my brother and I met at the rents house to sort and clean. FUN! Actually I came away with quite a few goodies, hence the title of the post. Each time I'm there I come home with yarn or needles or books or some crafty thing. Yesterday was no exception. Here's the stash:

Brunswick Windrush in Brown Ragg 100g each and 2 of the same dyelot. It's orlon.. goodfor charity stuff or my dad who throws everything in the washer and says that wool is too scratchy for him

More Brunswich Windrush yarn in the color Rose Mist Ombre and again 2 skeins. This would NOT be a good color for dad. Guess it's going in the charity knitting bin.

This is 3 Brunswick Fore 'n Aft in Red Ragg and they're 50 g skeins, same dye lot.

More Fore 'n Aft 3 50g skeins of Blue Ragg. There's also a 100g skein of Windrush in the same color (different dye lot obviously) but since they're both orlon, I wonder if it isn't the same yarn.

4 skeins of Paton's Diana which is a 70acrylic/30 nylon blend. It feels a bit like mohair. Could make something nice for mom with this :-)

2 skeins (50g) of Brunswick Eleganza which is a blend of 80 acrylic/20 kid mohair. In one of ballbands is a pattern for what appears to be a möbius cowl scarf that could be pulled up over the head. It takes 200 yards and the ballband isn't marked as to the yardage but it seems to be fingering weight so there may be enough. Could also be nice for mom!

12 skeins of Rugger bulky yarn in bisque heather. This yarn is 80 orlon/20 virgin wool and each skein is 50g/70yards. I'm really hoping that there is enough here to make pop a cardigan vest (he's so thin, there should be enough) He's always cold so it could be perfect. Now to find a pattern.

This rug(?) that has been started I think crochet along with 3 more skeins of the deep rose and 3 more skeins of the black. The yarn is Clarks cotton rug yarn. Reminds me of kitchen cotton though.

And now for the motherlode:

3 100g skeins of unknown wool. (I did the burn test.. it's all wool)

100g skein of a light aqua wool yarn

100g skein of darker aqua wool yarn

100g skein of navy blue yarn.

and the piéce de resistance

10 skeins (50 g/ 200y each) of Superfine Alpaca. from 1st Quality Andean Yarns all the smae dye lot and mom paid 4.60 total for the 10 skeins. (Can you believe that? Obviously before alpaca became a desired fiber) This will be a shawl, I think.

I brought home many different sized dpns, argyle sock bobbins(?) 2 circular needles some stitch markers, and a small stitch holder.

There was also this gem:

It's so cute. Mom offered it and I snatched it up fast.

She sent DD polished rocks and theses cute magnets. They're perfect for the magnet board we'll hang in her room.

I better get knitting!


hakucho said...

Wow, quite a made out like a bandit!!

happy knitting :)

Tamiknits said...

My DD tried to convince me we needed to see Hannah Montana! We were just too busy to make it!

g-girl said...

you are a saint. 8am in the morning to see hannah montana in 3d??? insane. gosh, how much yarny goodness (and then some!) does your mom have??