Friday, February 22, 2008

more snow

it started very early this morning around 1 AM.. .and it's been stead since. Very fine flakes though so the accumulation is only a couple of inches. I hope the wintry mix doesn't come. Just once I'd like to see a plain old snowstorm.

My ebay camera purchase arrived today :-) I'm so happy. Remember the old Kodak mysteriously fell off the basement window sill and broke a few weeks ago. I was using a little panasonic that is 6MP and was happy that it was available, but I missed MY camera. the one that I was finally getting used to using. The one that I have the cool macro and telephoto lenses that fit on it. I took it to the local camera store last Sat and they said it wouldn't be worth fixing. So I found a used one on ebay. I already have the dock so didn't need that. Anyway it's here and I'm taking pictures when the kids aren't looking. DD knows it's here but I'm not telling the boys... and it's in a very safe place and my lesson has been learned. I'm interested to see the difference in the pictures. Here are some pictures of the cloth with the 'new' camera

Pattern: Mason Dixon Ballband
Size: CO 37 stitches
Yarn: Elmore Pisgah Peaches and Creme
Colors: mauve and verde green
Needle: US6

I'm not nuts about the color combo but it matches the monthly dishcloth KAL colors so I'm doing a couple of cloths to get a gift set together.

I'm working up swatches for pop's vest. I tried a needles in 8 and 10 and now i'm trying an 11. It's bulky wool, so I think the 11 could work. Would make a quick knit too.

Well happy snow day. I love long weekends, even if it means Easter vacation is goofed up.

picture with other camera



Lovely ballbands!

g-girl said...

i miss my other camera too..i guess i should try to take it down to a repair shop myself and see what's really wrong with it. you'll learn to love your new camera. :)