Saturday, February 09, 2008

happy birthday DD

i can't believe she's 8 years old... where did the time go?

Having said that the birthday is today, so is the party with an unofficial count of 11 girls (maybe 9 though, there's 2 we haven't heard from) so I have lots to do.

Just wanted to say though that I was shopping for birthday crafts to do at the party (at our house... yes I'm nuts) and found yarn on sale at Michael's (Mrs. B if you're reading this, I was at the Whitehall one, not the one by you so go check yours out!) and found Paton's Merino on sale for $2 a skein!!!!!! I scooped up all the colors that they were offering in the bin and didn't dare go back to check the regular stock. I can only figure it's that price because A. they were fall colors or B. maybe those colors are being discontinued. At any rate... burgundy, rich red, paprika and old gold now reside in bounteous amounts in my Paton's stash... How could I turn it up??? I also got 2 lonely skeins of microfiber (1 lime, 1 white) and 2 skeins of warm brown kitchen cotton for $1 each.

It's snowing here, not hard, just enough.... I hope it snows all day!

OK... I have to go prepare for the party... hopefully there'll be some pictures.


hakucho said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Your the second person who got Paton's at a bargain and 2 different parts of the country! I should go and check it out, too. Just need to go and get motivated to's snowing here and I rather stay put for now!

happy knitting :)

LMardenNH said...

it's snowing like crazy here in NH, so I have been rotating between napping, knitting and blogging today. A perfect day, in my humble opinion!!!!

Carole, I really like your project meter. If you see this comment, can you point me to the URL where you found it? Thanks muchly!!!

g-girl said...

omg, $2 for patons wool??? so jealous!