Friday, February 22, 2008

more cloths

I finished the monthly dishcloth KAL a day early yesterday. I'm not quite sure that the ending follows the pattern. I'm also not crazy about the color choices that were assigned (mauve and verde green from Elmore-pisgah peaches and creme). I love the pattern though and I'll be making it again in my own color choices.

So I decided to start a ballband in the same colors and also I'll make some tribbles and use it as a hostess gift set or something. For some reason my brain just isn't working with the ballband though. I've needed to rip almost as much as knit... keep forgetting to switch the yarn to the back on those return knit rows in the bricks.

I finished another block of the Lizard Ridge though. That makes four completed blocks. This is color 170. So pretty. I'm loving the pattern and the yarn the more I work with it. just need to make sure to knit on it when I can count unencumbered by too many 'mom' interruptions.

I need to do the math for dad's vest and cast that on. Work on the flower power rug for DD and swatch for socks for DH....

I'm almost wishing for a snow day tmrw... even though I'll still be home alone with all 3 kids. The lunar eclipse last night was so cool.. wish I had been outside for more of it and had remembered to try out the moon scope. That should be fun to do with the kids this summer even without an eclipse.

well if school's cancelled tomorrow listen hard and you may hear the clicking of needles :-D

happy crafting


hakucho said...

I love those two colors together...very pretty. I really like the new cloth. Good for you keeping up with the monthly KAL. I was getting too overwhelmed with all the emails and switched to web only...the only problem with that is I usually forget to check. I like the new cloth so I'll have to go and retrieve the pattern. Lucky for me my friends still keep up :)

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

wow-your latest block for your lizard ridge is beautiful!!